Carman Violinist

Professional Wedding & Special Events Violinist - Richmond VA area, Northern Virginia, Maryland, & D.C. area


Note:  These rates are only guidelines and may vary** depending on the needs of the event.  These rates includes musician's practice time, talent, musician's commute, and their performance as well as the set-up time at the event.  All wedding clients of Carman Violin Studio have the option to meet with the violinist, Eun-Jin Chae, and have a face to face or via Factime or skype consultation

**You can request a personalized quote from Carman Violinist to get a better idea for your event!

Wedding Ceremony Package

  • Prelude Music
  • song for groom and minister
  • song for seating of mothers
  • song for bridal party
  • song for procession of the bride
  • song for unity ceremony
  • song recessional
  • Postlude Music

$300  - Solo (Violin)
$525  - Duet (Violin duet, Violin & Piano, or Violin & Cello)
$750  - Piano or String Trio (violin, cello, & piano)
$1000 - String Quartet

-- Rates are based on the wedding ceremony being no more than 45 minutes

Wedding Reception/ Cocktail Music without Wedding Ceremony
(includes 1 hour of background music)

$275  - SOLO
$500  - DUET
$725  - TRIO
$950  - QUARTET


Additional Time/Music at the Event

$25 per every 15 minutes  - SOLO  
$50 per every 15 minutes  - DUET
$75 per every 15 minutes  - TRIO
$100 per every 15 minutes - QUARTET

Additional Services

$40  - Keyboard provided by Carman Violinist (includes transportation and wear & tear fee)
$20  - Kahki Canopy provided by Carman Violinist  ($50 if this was not part of the original contract)

$10~20  - Special request* per song depending on the cost of the sheet music (covers sheet music & musician's rehearsal time)
    *music selection not included in the Carman Violinist's specified repertoire